November 2020 music w/ John Baboian


Hi friends, hope you’re having a good Fall so far.  

Anything interesting and exciting happening?  Snow on Halloween?  Virus still out there?  Unicorns anywhere to be seen?  Presidential elections???

Once again, as I’m writing this newsletter, nothing much going on around, right??????????????


Teaching from home, totally remote, has actually been an interesting experience for me.  Learning some recording techniques.  Certainly getting good at Zoom.  But, I’ve got to tell you, the commute and parking situation is just awful……………..

Now, the landscaping dueling leafblowers in the surrounding yards is another story.  I have to time some of my recording so that it doesn’t include that incessant drone in the background.  


In another part of the world, Armenia is still battling Azerbaijan in relation to the Artsakh region.  There have been some presumed cease fires, and negotiations that have gone no where.  So, we are still in a bad situation.  Our boys are fighting and dying to protect our ancestral homeland.  Please pray for them.


In sports, the Pat’s look bad.  Not too many highlights to speak of.  I’m missing TB12 and Gronk.  Fortunately, we get to watch them down in Tampa Bay where they look good and primed to get to the playoffs.

The Sox might get Alex Cora back as manager.  I think that would be a positive for the team going forward.


"A gig, a gig, my kingdom for a gig"…..

***Got one.

We will be doing a remote concert from the Framingham Public Library on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 7:00 PM.  Only one hour, and no live audience.  But you will be able to join us live online for the music, and I’m assuming that it will be archived so that you could watch it later as well.


The John Baboian Trio

JB-guitar, Rich Greenblatt-vibes, Bruce Gertz-bass

The flyer with the info is below.  Hope you can join us from the comfort of your living rooms.  


So, given the divisive nature of what’s going on in the U.S. right now, here is some music to sooth the mind, and hopefully, momentarily, take you away from the B.S. that is politics.


How about a little bit of Duke Ellington.  The link below will take you to my arrangement of “In A Sentimental Mood”.  This arrangement was written back in 1993, and many of my students have played this over the years.  But this is the first time that I’m recording and sending it out. 




Thanks, Johnny B!!!!!

November 17, 2020   7:00 PM

live online concert

Facebook live:

YouTube Live: